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Business Transformation


The Challenge

The world’s second largest automotive manufacturer wanted to introduce customer centricity across their Asia Pacific dealerships. At the time, dealers were prescriptive in their uniformity of handling prospects and customers despite the fact that their dealer management systems captured significant insights into the needs and purchasing decisions of each prospective buyer during the qualification process. 

The crux of the challenge was the absence of a framework: a structure that would allow dealerships to use customer insights to deliver personalized experiences. 


Market Panel and Survey
Customer Profiling 
Persona Development
Onboarding/Training Plan
Customer Management Strategy


The Solution

Rather than mimicking the competition’s strategy as the client requested, we opened up new possibilities by proposing our client alter their perspective. We developed a multi-dimensional, in-depth process aimed at identifying customer expectations across hospitality, travel, family dining, retail and fitness verticals. The strategy focused on key aspects of the customer journey from initial contact through the buying cycle and ownership. 

Understanding the consumer’s lifestyle and expectations enabled us to define and roll out an onboarding and training plan for all stakeholders across the value chain. To quantitatively measure the effectiveness, we worked with the corporate and dealership council to establish KPI’s, measuring incremental program impact and results along the way.


The Result

This multi-year, multi-phase customer-centric strategy has established key processes and training opportunities for individuals along the chain of interaction. Approved and funded by the executive team, this program also continues to deliver results across the entire journey: from first appointment to car purchase. 

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